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Talent Hunters


Dismissals are very difficult for both the employer and the employee. Outplacement is the process which allows the company to mitigate consequences of the dismissal, help employees orientate themselves quickly within the job market and find a new, satisfying job. The Employer maintains their positive image at the job market.

We offer the following services with this regard:

  • individual outplacement
  • group outplacement

As part of our programmes, we offer:

  • audits of groups of employees
  • diagnoses of needs of programme participant (Beneficiary)
  • preparation of Individual Action Plans
  • diagnosis of potential
  • assistance in preparation of applications
  • trainings concerning active job seeking
  • trainings in self-presentation
  • workshops in stress management
  • searching for job advertisements
  • psychological support
  • diagnostic tests


A detailed action plan is presented after we discuss the expectations of the Customer and establish who the Beneficiary is.

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